Moringa Tree

With discoveries made so far, Moringa is reputed to be one of the most nutrient and rich trees that provides a rich and rare combination of nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants and anti-aging, in short many health benefits. No wonder the plant is referred to as a powerhouse of health and nutritional value.


Many people in Africa / Asia depend on surface water like water from streams, ponds, or dams. Surface water, unless treated is not safe for consumption-it gives people diseases, such as diarrhea and cholera. Millions of people across the African and Asian continent rely on untreated surface water sources for their daily water needs. Of these, many die from disease caught from contaminated water every day, with the majority of these deaths occurring among children under five years of age.

Meanwhile, water treatment by the use of chemicals is costly and it is not always sustainable thus requires a local ,acceptable and sustainable remedy. Hence, it is from this fact this concept study comes with the idea of the use of Moringa.

Based on the ever-increasing demand for potable water in Ethiopia, Holland Water got the support from the Dutch government to conduct a feasibility study for using new water purification technology for Ethiopia.


Moringa Seeds

In one of the visits made during this study in the south of the country (SNNPR), Holland Water learned about the seeds of the Moringa tree, and the use of the seeds by local people to turn river water in to clean water.

Holland water has had an intensive and constructive relationship with HoA-REC in Addis Ababa, an authority in research on the Moringa tree. Together with the Dutch NGO Icco a research is conducted to large scale product facilities in order to look for the multiple purposes for the use of the Moringa tree, amongst others water purification.

These seeds were reason for Holland Water, to offer an alternative to the often expensive chemicals used to purify raw water.

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