Holland Mineral Water Machinery is a subsidiary of the Bomewo Holding, which is established in 1948, as being a supplier for machine parts. Throughout the years they have specialized themselves in improving the quality of life on earth. Especially on purifying water and cost-effective but sustainable construction and Infrastructure.


Holland Mineral Water Machinery has been active since 2002 on the water market. Specialized in purifying ground- and surface water, as well as specific contaminants, like fluoride, calcium, arsenic, etc. This for the public- as well as the private sector. We have a broad experience, especially in the rising African continent, but also in Asia we are well known. We advise, engineer and supply custom made solutions to our customers, to solve their water problems in an effective way. Our portfolio strikes the whole production process of drinking water;  from analyses to (bottled) drinking water.  Were we have a keen eye on sustainability and cost effectiveness, as being a socially responsible company.


OSO Enschede BV is a sister company of Holland Water. OSO Enschede is on the one hand specialized in supplying machinery for the production of cost-effective interlocking blocks, which can be used  for multiple purposes (construction of schools, houses, etc.). This with the cheapest ingredient what you can get at a construction site: in situ soil.

Due to the blocks are interlocking it is not necessary in between the layers, to use expensive cement. This makes it possible to construct in a solid, sustainable though cost-effective way. You just add a little bit of cement and Block Rapid (ca. 5%, dependable on the type of soil) to the in situ soil. Than press the blocks and let them slowly dry, so the blocks turn into strong solid blocks, with a high bearing capacity. OSO Enschede supplies besides the Block Runner, also the machinery (crushers, mixers and presses) in multiple models. In short: a custom made solution for every type of soil and size of the project.

On the other hand OSO Enschede supplies our famous Road Rapid. Road Rapid is an additive that will be mixed with soil that contains  a specific amount of clay, loam or silt. This results, through an ion exchange, that the soil will be water repellent and stabilizes, instead of absorbing water (as you see during the rainy season). The cost only bear a fraction in comparison to asphalt roads and apart from that you also have a big advantage on future maintenance costs.The perfect sustainable alternative for B-roads. Also see www.oso-enschede.com.