UV Systems

In our UV systems we do not use quartz sleeves and hence there is no problem of cleaning the quartz sleeves with wipers. There is no need for a wiping mechanism. Also there is no problem of breakage of quartz sleeves hence low operating costs.

In our UV system the water will flow inside the AF tubes and the UV lamps are placed outside the AF tubes, this type of arrangement ensures that the lamps do not come in contact with the water thus eliminating the risk of electrical faults due to moisture.

There is no Bio fouling that occurs as in other conventional UV systems. Zero quartz sleeve maintenance required. This Holland Water UV unit is user friendly in the long run the UV unit will pay for itself. 


5. UV GLP Inner

The UV lamp ballast in the UV systems is a Holland Water Technology Electronic ballast. These ballasts will operate the UV lamps longer and cooler than conventional magnetic ballast. The Holland Water ballast will also reduce your electrical consumption by almost 40% as compared to the conventional ballast.

These Holland Water ballast will provide a constant UV light output between 170V – 265V. Each ballast will operate two UV lamps. The electrical supply give to the UV system is to be 240V 50Hz. 

5. UV