3. Flotation sys Flotation System 

After the flocculator process the raw water will enter the flotation unit. The flocks will float to the surface and will automatically and continuously be removed by a scraper mechanism. The flotation unit is equipped with a lamella plate pack which increases the separation area and thus ensures that even the smallest flocks are removed from the water. The on-built recirculation/aeration system is equipped with patented non-clogging aeration devices and its unique design ensures formation of the very fine air bubbles required. The flotation unit includes a scraper and automatic drain valves for removing any settled material.


Specific features of the flotation are:


  • compact built unit with a plate pack system which requires a minimum of floor area;
  • laminar flow through the flotation unit which assures maximum removal efficiency;
  • unit can handle some sediment which is collected and removed by a scraper system;
  • special designed aeration system which includes a special centrifugal pump and includes special patented aeration devices (clog free). Aeration devices are self-cleaning and do not need any adjustments during operation (no throttling valves);
  • unit is shipped pre-assembled so minimum of installation on site is required;
  • due to the optimal aeration system and the sludge thickening/scraper system a high dry solids content will be reached.