Besides purifying water, Holland Water also offers solutions regarding safe and simple  distribution of the purified water to the final consumer to assure the quality of the water remains. This could be done by using e.g.  PET bottles or plastic containers. Holland Water offers a broad range of possibilities, which we would be obliged to offer to you custom made.



Reheat Stretch Blow Moulding machines 

With this machine you can easily produce bottles or containers in different sizes with our pre-forms. You can choose your optimum size from 0.3 litre bottles to 19 litre (5 gallon) containers.

1. Automatic Blowmouldingweb 1. Reheat Stretch Blowmouldingweb

Filling lines for drinking water 

Our filling lines wash, fill, dose and cap your PET bottles or containers. We use for instance advanced technology from Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

2. Afvullijnweb


The bottles and containers will be blown dry, afterwards they will be labelled with your necessary details and lay-out on it.

3. labeling-1


Further we also supply the machinery to pack the bottles or containers to make sure that the goods will be transported properly packed to the stores. For instance with shrinking foil for 6 bottles.

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