Water is a prerequisite to all life on earth. It is the most valuable resource we have and at the same time, the one we most often take for granted.

However, there are still more than 1 billion people on Earth who, still today, live without clean drinking water.

Holland Mineral Water Machinery BV is specialized in engineering, combining, producing and supplying of sustainable production processes for purifying all kinds of raw or salinated water into drinking water. Holland Water is worldwide active in as well the public as the private sector, with a focus on Africa. High educated technologists and well trained analysts are coming up with a custom made solution to your problems.

Our Vision: All people should have access to potable water produced in an environment friendly way; thus reducing child mortality. Our thesis already says: Providing Essentials

Our Goal: to offer an  “all inclusive solution”, so the customer will be offered a complete answer for their water needs through one company